Strategic Vision & Compelling Business Needs (CBNs)



Through interactive working sessions with your teams and major stakeholders, we will develop your VISION as well as formalize your CBNs.


The VISION has to be short and concise, but it will definitely inspire your teams around the globe and make them dream. One of the approaches is to use the « What if… » scenario development, to better define what a successful future looks like. It will generate buy-in among Engineers and motivate them to go the extra-mile.


The CBNs have also to be concise and easy to remember. Usually it is a set of 3 mid-term KPIs that will better reflect the progress you’re making to achieve and exceed Business expectations. 


80 / 90 / 100, for 80% Projects achieving Vertical Start-up, 90% Global Efficiency of your lines and 100% of your Projects on Time.


I have led and facilitated the development of VISION and CBNs in both DANONE and MONDELEZ companies. CBNs were revised when necessary to adapt to changing business needs. This really helped my hundreds of Engineers to embark on the journey and the outcomes were awesome, helping the company to generate up to 4% net productivity savings.

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