Bringing you the best Technical Expertise

Depending on your needs, we can provide specific ad-hoc Technical Expertise, to address your most complex challenges. Among our large network, we will select the right Consultants and bring them on board with us. Here are a few examples:


   A Sustainability / Environmental supply chain strategist and program leader of 12+ years.
Corporate sustainability leader in the development and implementation of ground-breaking environmental footprint programs for multinational supply chains. 

  A leading Expert in the Chocolate and Chocobakery industries.
35+ years of experience in designing, building and optimizing production lines throughout the world.
A senior HVAC Engineer with 25+ years of experience in designing and building industrial HVAC systems for the Pharma, Microelectronics and Oil & Gas industries
  A Construction Management Expert who has worked with me for many years and is the Construction Management champion.
  A senior Engineer with 20+ years of experience in Supply Chain with the Pharma & Luxury Industries.
  A senior Expert who worked with me at Danone specializing in Supply Chain for Fresh Products.


30 years of Seniority in the Engineering / Supply Chain functions.
Worked for 5 companies: 2 are in the Engineering Contractor TOP 10, 2 are among the best FMCGs.
Developed a huge network, having more than 1600 connections in LinkedIn, many of them working as freelance today.

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